Police arrest bandits after car chase

Police have arrested two men following a shoot-out last evening.

According to reports, while on patrol, officers were alerted to a robbery along East Grove, Valsayn.

On seeing the officers, the suspects sped off and a chase ensued through Curepe unto the Southern Main Road.

There was an exchange of gunfire between the bandits and the police before the assailant's vehicles crashed into a wall.

Two men were apprehended and a firearm was recovered.

A third man escaped by foot.



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3 held for stealing blow-up pool, other items from warehouse

Three men have been arrested and a quantity of stolen items recovered following an exercise in the Arima district, yesterday.

Among the things they stole was a blow-up pool.

The three suspects; a 23-year-old and 26-year-old, both of Wallerfield and a 36-year-old of Valencia, were arrested in connection with reports of warehouse breaking and housebreaking and larceny in the Torrecilla Gardens, Arima, over the last week.

Businessman shoots back, two bandits hit

Three suspects have been arrested in connection with a foiled robbery attempt at a business place in the Port of Spain district this afternoon.

Reports indicate that the 53-year-old proprietor of Sin Kiu Trading, George Street, Port of Spain was at his business place around 1 pm when two gunmen entered and announced a robbery.

The businessman became fearful for his life, drew his licensed firearm and shot at the men, wounding two of them.

One of the suspects dropped a firearm before they both ran off.

Bandits fire at police, two held

Three men are in police custody after a car chase and shootout in Trincity Monday afternoon.

Cnc3 News understands the suspects shot at police vehicles leaving numerous bullets holes in the windshield.

Police reports indicated that officers attached to Arouca station received a report of a robbery along St Michael Road in Tacarigua around 2 pm.

Three armed men reportedly robbed a man, before escaping in a vehicle.

Officers who were patrolling nearby spotted the vehicle and gave pursuit.

'Facebook' bandits held by police

The reign of three teenaged ban­dits, whom po­lice said lured their vic­tims to a lone­ly area by false­ly ad­ver­tis­ing a car of sale on Face­book, end­ed on Thurs­day when they were ar­rest­ed.

Po­lice said the three men, who ages are 18 and 19, were held by San Fer­nan­do and Mon Re­pos CID of­fi­cers dur­ing Op­er­a­tion Strike back. A re­port stat­ed that af­ter weeks of in­quiries, a team in­clud­ing Sgt Di­noo, Cpl Bac­chus and Cpl Nanan went to an area in La Ro­maine that is known for crim­i­nals ac­tiv­i­ties and held the sus­pects.

Bandits rob KFC St Helena

Bandits have struck two fast food outlets in the St Helena area in less than 24 hours.

According to police reports, around 9 pm Thursday, masked assailants entered the KFC outlet and announced a hold-up.

The bandits took cash from the register, raided the manager's officer and also relieved customers of cash and other valuable items.

On Wednesday three armed bandits had also robbed the area's Royal Castle outlet.

Investigations in both cases are ongoing.


Bandits tie up Republic Bank security in attempt to break into ATM

Police are investigating an attempted robbery at Republic Bank's Coral Cove branch last night, after bandits tied up security and vandalised the Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

During the incident, the alarms were triggered and both police and Republic Bank security responded.

Police say there was an exchange of gunfire before the bandits escaped empty-handed.

Investigations are ongoing.

Someone has stolen a truck waiting on the port with goods for Tobago

A truck full of goods to be taken to Tobago was stolen off Wrightson Road this morning and another was vandalized.

When CNC3 visited the port this morning, the already frustrated truckers who complained of not being able to get onto the Tuesday sailing were further incensed when they learn a ten-tonne trucks full of Nestle products was stolen.

The white Ford vehicle was parked with many others along Wrightson Road, while the driver checked in at the terminal.

Three held after attempting to steal cash from Shal Marshall's car

Quick work by police foils the getaway of three bandits, who attempted to steal a quantity of cash from a vehicle belonging to popular Soca artiste and radio personality Shal Marshall in Woodbrook earlier today.

The artiste had parked his white Mercedes Benz motor vehicle at Massy Technology car park along Tragarete Road, around 11:45 am on Thursday 1st February, 2018, before entering a nearby radio station.

Around 12:10 pm, a female relative arrived at the radio station and handed the artiste a large quantity of cash.

Bandits break into home of president of Used-Car Dealers Association

The home of the president of the Used Car Dealers Association, Visham Babwah, has been broken into.

Babwah told CNC3 News that the burglars entered his Chaguanas home by cutting out a small portion of the burglar-proofing at the back door.

He said his security system did not alert him to the intrusion because the bandits did not pry open the doors or windows.

Babwah said that thankfully nobody was home at the time.

He said he and his wife left for work around 9am yesterday and his wife returned around 3 pm.