Kunti tells police she was beaten with piece of wood

A decision to spend Mothers Day with her children turned out badly for Barrackpore mother Kunti Deopersad after a male relative allegedly beat her with a piece of wood.

Deopersad, 39, who moved out of her marital home at Oropouche South Trace, Barrackpore, after she admitted to faking her own kidnapping last March, returned on Mother's Day at her children's request.

She told police that her children begged her to spend the night so she spread a mattress on the ground and went to sleep. 

Caught on camera: Gas station attendant severely beaten after asking man to stop smoking

Video footage of a gas station attendant being severely beaten by two younger men is causing outrage as it's now being circulating via social media platforms.

We've been told that the incident took place at the El Socorro gas station on Tuesday night.


Reports indicate that the attendant told a passenger in a vehicle that pulled up for gas, that he needed to stop smoking.

The video shows a man coming out the back seat of the vehicle, attacking the gas station attendant.

Taxi driver beaten by unruly students after refusing to transport them

Police are investigating an incident in which a Barrackpore taxi driver was allegedly beaten by three male students of a secondary school in the area.

The beating took place yesterday near to the Barrackpore Police Station.

The driver has been identified as 49-year-old Suresh Sieujattan of 49 Congo Hill in Barrackpore.

It’s being reported that the incident took place after the taxi driver refused to pick up the teenagers because of their unruly behaviour.

It has not yet been stated if the students were apprehended by the police.