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Last two escapees held!!

The two last prison escapees have been recaptured.

Olatungi Denbow and Michael Findley were held by a joint team representing the Special Operations Respond Team (SORT) and the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, just before 6pm today.

They were recaptured in South Oropouche, just before Moruga.

Authorities say the men were making plans to travel to Venezuela when they were captured.

The exact circumstances surrounding their recapture are not yet clear but we will have further updates later.

Breaking News: Court rules sex between two consenting males legal

It's official, sex between consenting male adults is no longer illegal. 

In April, High Court Judge Davindra Rampersad ruled that sections 13 and 16 of the Sexual Offences Act, which criminalises buggery and serious indecency even between consenting adults, is unconstitutional.

However, Rampersad did not make a ruling on how the law should be interpreted to give effect to his judgement.

During the hearing, Fyard Hosein, SC, who is leading the State's legal team, requested that a 45-day stay is put in place while his team prepares the State's appeal.

Breaking: Smith, Shamfa, Mitchell, Cuffie moved in major Cabinet reshuffle

Sports Minister Darryl Smith has been demoted as the Office of the Prime Minister has announced a major Cabinet reshuffle that sees the change in portfolios of five Government Ministers and the Prime Minister himself.

Minister of Public Administration and Communications, Maxie Cuffie has also been removed as a member of the Cabinet.

The announcement came via a statement issued by the Office of the Prime Minister Monday morning:

Port shuts down entire ferry fleet; back to Caribbean Airlines arrangement

The Port Authority says that in the interest of public safety, it has decided to temporarily suspend the operations of the passenger ferries until all outstanding works are completed.

The T&T Express has been the lone passenger vessel in service and has been making the crossing in approximately 4 hrs and is over-due for its statutory maintenance programme.

The T&T Spirit was expected to resume the service on March 13 however, there are still some outstanding works to be addressed, and is now expected to resume operations on or by March 22, 2018.

CJ defers sabbatical leave until President Carmona returns

Chief Justice Ivor Archie has deferred the controversial sabbatical leave upon which he was to embark this weekend.

The confirmation comes from the Office of the President.

A statement says Acting President Christine Kangaloo has been in communication with the Chief Justice and invited him to consider deferring a departure from the jurisdiction prior to the return of President Anthony Carmona to the country on Sunday 11th March, 2018.

The statement says that the Chief Justice has agreed to defer such departure.

Breaking: Three suspected bandits shot dead by police

Three suspected bandits have been shot dead by police on Broome Street, La Puerta.

According to initial reports, the men were driving on Broome street with ski masks when they came into contact with the officers.

A shootout ensued and the three men were hit and rushed to hospital where they were declared dead on arrival.

This is a developing story and we will have more later. 

BREAKING: Prison officer shot dead on Frederick Street

A prison officer has been shot dead on upper Frederick Street in Port-of-Spain.

He has been identified as David Boodram on Lopinot.

The prison officer was driving his Honda SUV at the time he was killed just after 5pm.

Confirmation of his death came from Prisons Commissioner Gerald Wilson.

This comes days after threats were made on the lives of some prison officers and follows a raid of the Port-of-Spain prison three days ago.

The officer was shot outside St Mary's College during mid-afternoon traffic.