British inquiry told of Grenfell Tower heroism by Trini-born grandfather

A “hero” grandfather who was born in Trinidad and Tobago, sheltered six people in his top-floor flat in Grenfell Tower in London, on the night it was destroyed by fire, an inquiry has heard.

Raymond “Moses” Bernard gave refuge to families trying to escape the inferno as it consumed the block, offering them his bed while he sat on the floor.

His family gave a tearful tribute to the 63-year-old, who died with his dog Marley, during the final day of commemoration hearings at the public inquiry into the disaster.

Son of former British High Commissioner to T&T denied UK passport because he was born in Trinidad

The son of a former British High Commissioner to this country has been denied a UK passport because he was born in this country.

An article in the UK's Independent quotes Arthur Snell stating that he felt powerless and nervous at the time.

Snell was the High Commissioner to this country from 2011 and 2014, and he claimed his child was rendered stateless as he was also ineligible for Trinidadian citizenship.

Snell revealed details about the incident as he criticised the UK's home office which is currently being cricitised over the Windrush issue. 

Brit couple flees T&T after armed robbery

British couple Amanda Binns, 40 and Elias Mark Jr, 33, who were in T&T for Carnival 2018 were forced to pack up and return to London with their two children, just hours after they were robbed at gunpoint of their phones and rental vehicle.

The incident occurred on the morning of February 6, just as they arrived at a relative’s home along Tumpuna Road in Arima, after attending Machel Montano’s Soca Kingdom concert in Port-of-Spain.

Current & former British High Commissioners speak out on crime in T&T and rule of law

Britain's High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago Tim Stew and former High Commissioner Arthur Snell have both spoken on the rule of law and crime in this country over the last couple days.

Stew has issued a statement in the form of a Letter to the Editor on recent developments in Trinidad and Tobago.

While he did not refer to the case involving former Attorney General Anand Ramlogan by name, his comments suggest that was his focal point.

He says that all, whatever their position, should be held accountable in a timely way or else the cancer of corruption spreads. 

British police suspend intelligence sharing with US on Manchester bombing

British police have stopped sharing intelligence on the Manchester Arena attack with the United States after a series of leaks to the press that they say risked “undermining” the ongoing counter-terrorism investigation.

British police said Thursday that such recklessness with sensitive information has jeopardised the mutual trust that underpins security cooperation between foreign partners.

International: Rare case of superfoetation, British triplets born together but conceived two weeks apart

Sitting in the spring sunshine, little Kathleen, Delilah and Tabitha might look like ‘ordinary’ triplets.

But the adorable youngsters are unique – the first triplets in the world known to have been conceived at different times.

First, their mother Jolene Broad conceived identical twins Kathleen and Delilah. And then, two weeks into that pregnancy, she conceived Tabitha too.

It means Tabitha is technically younger than her sisters even though she was born on the same day 18 months ago.

World: British company offers tours of the Titantic for 'just' US$105,000

A British luxury travel company, Blue Marble Private, has started selling expensive tickets to the wreck site of the legendary Titanic.

The first 'Dive the Titanic' trip is scheduled for May 2018 at the cost of about US$105,000 (TT$711,490) per person.

Adjusted for inflation, the figure is equal to the price of an original Titanic first class ticket.

The eight-day tour will start with a helicopter ride from the city of St. John’s in Newfoundland, Canada to a yacht anchored near the Titanic’s resting place.