Former Energy Minister congratulates Touchstone on Cascadura discovery

Former Minister of Energy under the People’s Partnership, Kevin Ramnarine, has extended congratulations to Touchstone Exploration Inc. on their recent success in their Cascadura-1ST1 well, their second major drilling success for the year.

Kevin Ramnarine notes the Touchstone find is potentially the most significant discovery on land since the 2002 discovery of the Carapal Ridge, now known as Shell Central Block.

Money change...TTARP: Our members could become targets

Mem­bers of the T&T As­so­ci­a­tion of Re­tired Per­sons Ltd (TTARP) are con­cerned about the dead­line of De­cem­ber 31, which has been giv­en for all per­sons to change over from the old $100 bill to the new poly­mer note.

Muslim group asks government to hold hand on fast track implementation of new $100 note

Members of the Muslim community are calling on the government to hold their hand on a decision to fast track the implementation of the new $100 note.

They are concerned that the change will adversely affect Muslims who don't use the banking system as it is against their religious beliefs to accumulate interest.

"Many Muslims do not use the current banking system due to the Quranic prohibition of charging interest.