DOMA: Not so easy to copy new polymer $100

The president of the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) believes too much fuss is being made over the alleged counterfeiting of the new one hundred dollar polymer note.

A video circulating on social media purporting to show the fake bill has raised questions about its security features.

However, according to Gregory Aboud, copying the recently introduced new note is not as easy as it seems.

Mr Aboud is confident that the roll out of the new blue bills will combat counterfeiting.

Former Energy Minister congratulates Touchstone on Cascadura discovery

Former Minister of Energy under the People’s Partnership, Kevin Ramnarine, has extended congratulations to Touchstone Exploration Inc. on their recent success in their Cascadura-1ST1 well, their second major drilling success for the year.

Kevin Ramnarine notes the Touchstone find is potentially the most significant discovery on land since the 2002 discovery of the Carapal Ridge, now known as Shell Central Block.