Car Thefts

Car thefts on the rise

Thieves are moving away from hotwiring parked vehicles and are instead robbing owners at gunpoint but despite the alarming increase of vehicle robberies for 2018, Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says he is not disclosing how he intends to crack down on the thriving multi-million dollar stolen vehicle industry.

During an interview, Griffith said, "You are asking me about an operations issue and I cannot answer that. I'm not going to be dealing with specifics of any type of crime." 

Police report 22% drop in car thefts

The T&T Police Service has recorded a 22 per cent reduction in car thefts, this year.

Speaking at the weekly press briefing at the Police Administration Building in Port-of-Spain yesterday, Sgt Christopher Swamber of the Stolen Vehicles Unit revealed that between January and June, 435 vehicles were stolen across T&T as compared to 561 for the same period, last year.