Carli Bay

Fishermen attacked by pirates at Orange Valley (UPDATE)

Pirates attempted to attack fishermen from Orange Valley and Carli Bay on Thursday night.

Imtiaz Khan, president of the Carli Bay Fishermen Association, said villagers were at the wake of Melissa Khan, the mother of Jason Baptiste, one of the fishermen who was killed on July 22, when they were alerted that six men on a boat attempted to rob the fishermen who had to cut their nets and flee. 

Khan said the fishermen showed up at the wake shaken and worried.

Pirates attack again; 6 fishermen missing


Six fishermen and two boats from Orange Valley are missing after another pirate attack in national waters.

President of the Carli Bay Fishing Association, Imtiaz Khan, said several boats from both Carli Bay and Orange Valley were out in the Gulf of Paria when the pirates struck. He says they don’t know whether the pirates were locals or Venezuelans.

Fishermen on a couple of boats were able to cut their nets and make it back to shore to warn everyone about what was happening.

Why has Carli Bay River turned bright fluorescent green?

The Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) has deployed a team to investigate the reason why the Carli Bay river has turned bright fluorescent green.

Denyse Karissa Deowan posted photos and a video of the river on Facebook Tuesday afternoon.


"This is seriously real. The river water is fluorescent green right now," she said.

Police remove grenade from Carli Bay

Police have successfully removed a grenade from Carli Bay, as they continue to search for a suspected who dropped it when approached by officers earlier today.

The following is a statement from the Police Service on the matter:

Video: Widespread search as police lockdown of Carli Bay continues

Several workplaces in Carli Bay, Point Lisas and around other parts of Couva have closed early as a manhunt continues for a man believed to have eluded police with a bag of grenades.

Police have been conducted major searches on land, air and sea since just before midday, after the man ran off when stopped by police, dropping one of the grenades in the process.

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Police launch manhunt for man who drops grenade in Carli Bay, Couva

A manhunt is on for a man who police believe is in the possession of several grenades, in the Carli Bay, Couva district.

Just before midday today, police on patrol in the area, observed the man acting suspiciously in a vehicle and approached him.

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Police say the man came out of the vehicle and ran off with a bag in his possession and dropped a grenade in the process.