Caught on Camera

Murder of Robocop's brother caught on camera

CCTV video of the shooting death of Mervyn Alexis on Sunday, is now in the public domain.

The shooting occurred on Sunday night at Freedom Street in Enterprise.


Alexis was the brother of the slain gang leader Selwyn 'Robocop' Alexis.

The black and white video shows Alexis speaking to a man at the corner of Freedom Street.

A vehicle then pulls up and several men get out and begin shooting.

Caught on camera: Man takes drastic measures to accompany wrecked vehicle

A video showing the extent to which citizens of Trinidad and Tobago go to get some relief when they are wrecked, has been trending on social media today.

This "Caught on Camera" moment, however, is likely to land the subject of the video into more hot water as he took drastic measures to accompany the wrecker and his vehicle to their destination.


Caught on Camera: Man thrown from car but survives Tobago accident

A Tobago man was lucky to survive with his life after being thrown out of the car in which he was traveling as it flipped several times when it collided with another vehicle.

The accident occurred along Milford Road in Canaan on Thursday.


Footage captured from a security camera shows the car trying to overtake another vehicle before the two cars collide.

One of the vehicles flipped several times, during which one of the occupants was thrown out of the vehicle in mid-air.