Laid-off Centrin worker found hanging; financial problems being given as reason for suicide

A 48-year-old former Centrin worker has committed suicide by hanging in what's being linked to financial problems after being laid-off.

David Francis, a father of two, was found hanging at his Perseverance home last night.

Senior officials of the Steel Workers Union confirmed the death.

The following message is being circulated among union members;

Centrin sends home 200 workers

Central Trinidad Steel Limited (Centrin) workers are protesting outside the company's compound in Point Lisas as some 200 workers are being sent home.

Several of the workers received retrenchment letters this morning after a 45-day notice of retrenchment period expired.

They are being represented by the Steel Workers Union of Trinidad and Tobago.

The retrenchment follows the decision by ArcelorMittal to lay off workers and closing its plant, because of the low price of steel prices internationally.