Rifle found wrapped in CEPEP clothing

One rifle, hidden in a bushy area, is found by officers of the InterAgency Task Force Strike Team, during an anti-crime exercise in the Laventille district.

The exercise, spearheaded by Snr. Supt. (Ag.) Simbonath Rajkumar, took place between 2:30am and 6:00am on Tuesday 10th July, 2018.

Around 4:00am, officers proceeded to a bushy area at Straker Village, Picton Road, Laventille, where a search was conducted.

MY EYE: After CEPEP clean-up

This photo was sent to us by Bailah Gopie via the My Eye feature in the CNC3 App.

Gopie says; "This is when the recreation ground owners and the local council at Soledad Road Claxton Bay have no regards for the residents living across from the playground. They would clean around the ground and leave all the garbage that is left against the fence. All they need to do is trim the trees and clean up after there is an event and don't discriminate against people who speak up."

You too can share your concerns via the My Eye feature of the CNC3 App.

Volney takes to Facebook to represent CEPEP workers

Former Justice Minister Herbert Volney has taken to his personal Facebook page to represent CEPEP workers in his community.

Volney, who was a High Court judge before becoming a minister, compares the salaries of the CEPEP workers to that of a judge.

Volney posted the following on Facebook:

"Hey friends. It's the end of another week and today I wear the CEPEP colours as I've been very close to this group of workers in the constituency of St Joseph. 

Today is Friday at the end of our fortnight.

Salaries for CEPEP workers being processed

The Minister of Local Government says information coming from his Permanent Secretary explains that the funds were received by the Ministry last Friday.

The Ministry says the funds will be processed today and that the cheque will be given to CEPEP on Tuesday.

The Ministry says this will allow payment to take place on or before this Friday.