Khan argues winning calypso was aimed at ridiculing Hindu religion and leadership

Member of Parliament for Barataria/san Juan, Dr Fuad Khan is joining in criticism of the winning calypso, "Learn from Arithmetic" sung by Dr Hollis "Chalkdust" Liverpool.

Chalkdust has already explained that his song was based on a conversation with Sat Maharaj and was meant to show his position on child marriages.

However, Dr Khan says it's his view that the song was aimed at ridiculing the Hindu religion and its leadership.

Dr Khan issued this statement on the topic.

Chalkdust is 2017 Calypso Monarch

Dr Hollis "Chalkdust" Liverpool is the 2017 Calypso Monarch, winning a record 9th title at Sunday's Dimanche Gras show.

He now also holds the title of most Calypso Monarchs ever won by a calypsonian, having been tied with The Mighty Sparrow on eight before Sunday night's victory. 

Chalkdust took home the $700,000 first prize after performing last in the competition with his tune, "Learn from Arithmetic".

His song focussed on the issue of child marriages, with a refrain, "75 can't go into 14".