Roofs blown off in Chatham

As a tropical wave passed over T&T on Monday, gusty winds blew off a roof at Iros Village, Chatham, leaving two brothers running for cover.

Rajesh Mookraj, 28 and his brother Pradeep Mookraj, 30, were sleeping inside their home when they heard a loud crash.

Rajesh said he got up confused and was astonished to see their roof missing.

Locusts spread in Chatham

Despite continuous spraying, thousands of locusts have now moved out of the forests of Cedros and are chomping down on fruit trees and vegetation in the southwestern peninsula.

Farmers have ramped up their domestic spraying and are calling on the Minister of Agriculture Clarence Rambharat to immediately fix the dysfunctional spraying tractor and mobilize more spray teams.

So far about five men have been tasked with spraying fields in Chatham, Coromandel and Cap-de-Ville where swarms of locusts have been seen. 

Locusts migrate to Chatham

Residents of Chatham Village, Point Fortin are complaining that the swarm of locusts that has been plaguing Strikers Village, has now spread into their community.

Malinda Chaitlal shared the above photo with CNC3 today.

She said: "And they made their way to Chatham Point Fortin. Why they (the authorities) don't get a helicopter and spray the place. It's not like its crawling insect it have wings and flies."