Chutney Soca

Ravi B on top as Chutney Soca finalists are selected

Ravi B topped the Semi Final round of the 2017 Pick 2 Chutney Soca Monarch with his cross-over hit ‘Budget’, a statement by the organisers says.

He was followed closely by the other 2017 crossover hit – ‘Ramsingh Sharma’ by Omadath Maharaj, with just two points separating the two top artistes.

Some 33 artistes performed on Saturday 28th January at the LIV Nightlife in what was an essential scale back of the semi-final round.

Smaller budgets in 2017 have forced producers to find innovative ways to produce this important annual event.

KI Persad signs with Stag beer

Chutney Soca artiste KI Persad has joined with local beer "Stag" in an arrangement to be made public on Wednesday.
Carib Brewery Limited has announced that it is celebrating "the beginning of a dynamic relationship between Stag...A Man's Beer and KI Persad!"

The historic signing will take place at the Ansa Mc Al Booth at the Queen’s Park Oval​ from 10:30am on Wednesday.

KI Persad tops Chutney Soca Semi-Final round

KI Persad topped the Chutney Soca category of the Semi Final round of the 2016 ‘Pick 2’ Chutney Soca Monarch, according to a statement by the organisers.

He was followed closely by Nishard Mayrhoo and Ravi B.

The statement says that the competition was very closely fought, and the performances at the semi final stage, were by far the best in the 21-year history of the competition.

Govt announces $6.5 million cutback on Chutney Soca and International Soca Monarch competitions

The Government has announced that it is cutting back on the sponsorship of the National Chutney Soca Monarch and the International Soca Monarch competitions. The Government will spend $6.5 million dollars less on the two competitions combined.

Minister of Communications, Maxie Cuffie told today's post-Cabinet media conference that the Government will spend $2.9 million on the National Chutney Soca Monarch competition, which is $1.9 million less that last year's sum of $4.8 million.