Coastal Erosion

Five families evacuated in Cedros

Five families from Bamboo Village, Cedros, had to be evacuated yesterday evening, after massive coastal erosion caused a house to fall into the sea. Three homes belonging to Leroy Joseph, Deomatie Mohammed and another resident were also on the brink of collapse.

About 400 metres of the Bamboo Village Extension Road collapsed into the Columbus Bay during yesterday’s incident. Electricity poles were also torn down, rendering the village without power and throwing them into darkness at nightfall and water lines were also dislodged.

Evacuations on as coastal erosion claims two houses in Cedros

Evacuation efforts are underway in Cedros at this time as two homes were washed into the sea at around 3 pm this afternoon, due to coastal erosion.

Councillor Shanka Teelucksingh says he received a call just after 2 pm from the residents.

When he got there, the residents were in the process of removing their belongings when the structure began to give way.

All of the occupants managed to escaped when the structures slipped into the sea.

Works Ministry to offer relief to those impacted by coastal erosion due to rough seas

The Ministry of Works is inviting persons who are impacted by coastal erosion due to rough seas, to contact the Ministry as soon as possible.

The Ministry issued a statement in that regard today.

"The Ministry of Works and Transport invites members of the public who may feel the impact of coastal erosion which may be exacerbated due to the recent rough seas bulletin issued by the Trinidad and
Tobago Meteorological Service, to make a report to the Coastal Protection Unit.