Moruga road collapses, WASA starts repair work

Emergency repairs to a major landslip along the Moruga Road, Indian Walk, Princes Town have begun.

Residents said that around 7 pm Tuesday, they heard a rumbling sound and found that a section the road, which was being repaired, had collapsed. 
They said they suspect a leaking WASA line was to blame. 

The water line had been leaking for some time and despite complaints from residents, nothing had been done. WASA crews were on the site on Wednesday, seeking to stem the slip.

Several people killed as bridge collapses in Florida

Multiple' people are dead after a new pedestrian bridge being constructed at Florida International University in the United States collapsed.

Florida Highway Patrol has confirmed several people were killed by the collapse.

Helicopter vision over the collapsed bridge shows emergency workers scrambling to search for people trapped in their cars beneath the rubble and cordon off the road from other drivers.

At least six cars are trapped, with some of the vehicles seen either partly or fully wedged beneath the massive concrete structure.

Internationally: Crane collapses in Manhattan; 1 dead, 2 injured

A large construction crane has collapsed in lower Manhattan in New York City, killing one person and injuring at least two others.

The Fire Department of New York confirmed the fatality and is on the scene responding to the accident.

The collapse happened along West Broadway early on Friday morning in the Tribeca neighbourhood.

The downed crane, which filled the street, fell onto numerous parked cars.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the victim was sitting in a parked car at the time of the accident, and that it was caused by high winds.