Maraj: Red House a symbol of democracy’s triumph in 1990

Political commentator, Ralph Maraj, believes that there should be something to commemorate the Red House’s invasion in 1990, now that it has been returned as the home of Parliament.

Mr Maraj is a former parliamentarian and government minister. He would have been in office in the late 1990s, when the Red House still functioned as Parliament’s home.

According to Mr Maraj, installing some sort of commemorative piece at the newly renovated Red House, would be a powerful symbol to the country, of the triumph of democracy over insurgency.

MSJ on democracy

Accusing Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley of going against the tenets of his party's founder the late Dr Eric Williams, the political leader of the Movement for Social Justice, David Abdulah reiterated yesterday that peaceful protests and trade unionism were pillars of democracy.