PM receives report on OAS mishap

The Office of the Prime Minister has said that Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has received a report into what led to this country objecting to Dominica's request to forego the OAS fees in light of its recovery from devastating hurricanes last year,

A statement by the Office of the Prime Minister says that upon his return to Trinidad from Tobago today, the prime minister received a full report of the details of the OAS mishap.

Rambachan: Minister cannot wash his hands of T&T's Dominica/OAS disgrace

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Surujrattan Rambachan says the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dennis Moses cannot wash his hands from the scandal surrounding this country's position towards Dominica at the OAS.

In a statement issued Thursday, Dr Rambachan said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its attempt to distance itself from the position taken by Trinidad and Tobago against the waiver of fees for Dominica, reflects, in no small way, the deterioration in the management of in this country's foreign affairs and diplomatic relations. 

TTMA not supporting T&T's position at OAS towards Dominica

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) says it does not support the statement made by Trinidad and Tobago’s permanent representative to the OAS on March 23 to Dominica's First Secretary Judith Anne Rolle’s request for a two (2) year waiver of its fees to the OAS.

At the meeting, contrary to the position of all other nations' representatives, a deferral was recommended by our country's representative rather than the requested waiver.