Dr Fuad Khan

LABOUR MINISTER: CEPEP and URP to get 15% increase on new Minimum Wage

Labour Minister Jennifer Baptiste-Primus, has confirmed that CEPEP and URP workers will have their wages upgraded to the new minimum wage, before their proposed 15 per cent increase is added.

The Labour Minister says Government had hoped to increase the Minimum Wage to as much as $18.25, but the economy would not have sustained such a steep rise.

Khan donates $20,000 to Aranguez Phagwa celebrations

Member of Parliament for San Juan/Barataria, Dr Fuad Khan, has contributed $20,000 to Phagwa celebrations in Aranguez.

Dr Khan said he gave the donation because of cuts in government funding.

He issued the following statement on Thursday.

"For over 50 years, the National Phagwa Council held their Phagwa celebrations at the Aranguez Savannah.

Although it is celebrated across the country, the Aranguez Savannah was seen as a major focal point for the annual festivities.

Khan: I'm working out and have stopped stuffing my face

San Juan/Barataria Member of Parliament, Dr Fuad Khan has responded to the PNm's Women's League saying that he has no problems with them telling him that he needs to lose weight.

Khan posted a response on his Facebook page Tuesday afternoon, saying that he has stopped "stuffing" his "face" and is working out.

The following were the contents of the post.

Khan: More than half adult population overweight; take care of your health

Former Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan says that more than half of the adult population is overweight.

He says the onus is on citizens to take care of their health and not leave it to the doctors.

Dr Khan issued a statement on the matter on Tuesday morning.

"Learning about the issue in Tobago concerning the insufficient space to facilitate the growing number of patients who need dialysis is not surprising given the increase in Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (CNCD) in our country over the past two decades.

Khan: T&T needs to join march towards decriminalisation of marijuana

Former Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan says Trinidad and Tobago needs to join the march towards decriminalization of marijuana, particularly for medical use.

Today, as many around the world celebrates 4-20, Dr Khan is once again pointed out the many benefits to the economy by legalizing marijuana, its medical uses and the need to desist from criminalizing young men in particular for using small amounts.