Dr Roger Hosein

Dookeran against withdrawal from Heritage and Stabilisation Fund

Former Finance Minister Winston Dookeran does not agree with the Government’s decision to withdraw money from the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund (HSF). He said it was not prudent to do so when other sources of income have not been exhausted.

Dookeran described the withdrawal as a “fiscally regressive move” as the HSF is a key pillar to the credit credentials of the sovereign ratings of the country and he warned of repercussions since the fund was created for a specific purpose.

Fitun condemns economist's call for public sector wage freeze; demands apology

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions and Non-Governmental Organizations, FITUN is today condemning a call made by Economist, Dr Roger Hosein, for a wage freeze across the entire public sector, calling it an attack on the working class.

FITUN says Dr Hosein must apologise for his statement, saying the burden of the economic adjustments the country is making, should not be placed on the already burdened working class.

The following is FITUN's full statement.