Dr Suruj Rambahan

Rambachan threatens legal action against malicious rumours

Tabaquite MP Dr Surujrattan Rambachan is distancing his family from rumours surrounding the alleged rape of a 4-year-old girl.

According to a daily newspaper, the 33-year-old son of a former government minister is being investigated for the act.

 But sometime today, a post began circulating on social media, alleging that Dr Rambachan’s relative was the one being questioned.

In a statement today, dr. Rambachan made it clear that the post bears no truth and does not relate to him or his family. 

Dr Suruj Rambachan fires back at AG over statement on Opposition walkout

Opposition member of Parliament, Dr Suruj Rambachan says the statements by Attorney General Faris Al Rawi in relation to the Opposition's walkout of Parliament on Friday, is what he calls PNM contempt.

Dr Rambachan says it is "hollow and disrespectful" is the PNM's "disrespect" for the safety of citizens.

The folllowing is a statement issued by Dr Rambachan: