'Not me again' - Dulalchan not reapplying for job of Police Commissioner

Deodat Dulalchan, the man who has made headlines over the past several months after he was nominated for the job of Commissioner of Police, says although Parliament has rejected his nomination he remains “committed” to the oath he took 38 years ago as an officer “to protect and serve” and to make Trinidad and Tobago a “safer place.” However, he admitted yesterday he will not put himself through the process again.

Speaking to the T&T Guardian yesterday hours after the Parliament vote, Dulalchan said he still had “trust and confidence in the institutions of the land.”

Dulalchan threatens to sue Agriculture Minister

The top nominee for the post of police commissioner is threatening to sue the Minister of Agriculture.

The action follows reports that his license to occupy agriculture land in Felicity was terminated.

Three people, including the Commissioner of State Lands, have also been suspended pending an investigation into this very issue. 

In a pre-action letter issued today, the acting Deputy Commissioner of Police denied any involvement in land grabbing and says he has a legal license to cultivate the land in Felicity. 

Another land-grabbing case against Dulalchan

Farmer Satesh Maraj apparently came down with a case of amnesia yesterday when questioned about the situation where he was forced from State land in favour of the man proposed to become this country’s new substantive police commissioner, Deodat Dulalchan.

The House of Representatives will today debate Dulalchan’s nomination for the post of Police Commissioner and Deputy Police Commissioner.