Energy Ministry says some facilities impacted by earthquake

And the ministry of energy and energy industries is reporting that while there are no serious visible signs of structural damage to offshore and onshore infrastructure, some facilities were impacted by the earthquake.

 In a statement, the ministry says some minimal damage did occur at Trinmar's offshore installations. 

It says the most concerning took place at the block station bridge on platform four on the main Soledado field.

 The ministry says repair works will commence.

218 reports of damage to private homes

The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government says disaster management units for the 14 municipal corporations have thus far received a total of 218 reports of both major and minor structural damage to private homes.

The ministry says assessments have been completed for 146 of these reports and that disaster management units are continuing their assessments today to ensure citizen safety.

ATTIC's advice on making insurance claims after earthquake

The Association of Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Companies (ATTIC) is giving advice to persons whose property sustained damage by Tuesday's powerful earthquake.

ATTIC says losses sustained within 72 hours of the event, which includes aftershocks, will be treated as one.

The following is a statement ATTIC issued on Thursday.