Education Minister

Gopeesingh: PM should have removed Education Minister

Former Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh believes the Cabinet reshuffle was incomplete without the removal of Education Minister Anthony Garcia.

Dr Gopeesingh issued the following response to the Cabinet changes made on Monday.

"Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley must continue his essential Cabinet reshuffle by the removal of the bungling Anthony Garcia as Minister of Education.

Minister defends decision not to provide GATE funding for studies at St George's University

Education Minister Anthony Garcia is defending the decision to stop GATE funding of medical students going to St Georges University, saying it’s three times as costly. 

Speaking on the issue today, the Minister referenced tuition costs at UWI’s three campuses, saying costs run from $71,000 dollars at UWI to as much as quarter of a million dollars at St Georges. 

Minister Garcia also said students at St Georges are prepared for the US medical system and often go to the US and do not perform their obligated employment to the state.

Free Government textbooks being sold on the streets, Minister reveals

Education Minister Anthony Garcia says the Ministry has reason to believe that textbooks provided by the Ministry freely for the use of students are being sold on the streets of Port-of-Spain.

The Minister made the statement at today's post-Cabinet media conference, where he also announced that the Government will top up the supply of free textbooks by 10 percent from Standard One to Form Six.

Books sold on the streets