35 violent and indisciplined schools listed for help

Thirty-five schools nationwide where students have been exhibiting violent or indisciplined behaviour have been “hot-listed” for action by the Education Ministry.

The schools—mainly secondary institutions—are listed in a report by the ministry which was laid in the Senate yesterday.

The ministry did the report based on the findings and recommendations contained in the first Report of Parliamentary Committee inquiring into the current level of violence among students in schools. Particular focus was paid to physical and cyber-bullying.

Gopeesingh knocks Government cutbacks in education

Former Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh is criticising the financial cutbacks made in the education sector.

Dr Gopeesingh, who is the Member of Parliament for Caroni East, issued this statement today.

"The Government has again displayed its negligence and lack of commitment to the education sector through sharp and reckless cutbacks in funding for critical measures.

The Opposition has exposed the Government’s drastic reduction in support for vital schools security, the school feeding programme, provision of textbooks and repairs to buildings.

Gopeesingh: GATE cutbacks reflect Government's lack of commitment to education

Former Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh believes the cut back in GATE funding is reflective of a lack of commitment by the Government towards education.

Dr Gopeesingh issued a statement giving his views on the changes announced by the Cabinet on Wednesday.

"By its summary decision to reduce support for tertiary students, the Government has broken a major general election promise and displayed a lack of commitment to essential human capital development.

Gopeesingh: GATE proposals reflect Government's undoing of gains made in education sector

Former Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh says any cutback in GATE will add, in his view, to the dismantling of gains made in the education sector under the previous regime.

Dr Gopeesingh is the latest to add his voice to the recommendations made by the GATE committee.

"The decision to punish ambitious tertiary students by the arbitrary whittling down of the Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE) is another onerous and atrocious education measure of the PNM regime.