VIDEO: Fire officers electrocuted during rescue

Five fire officers were electrocuted while trying to rescue persons trapped in flood waters in Barataria.

Four were treated and discharged, one remains warded.

 Injures ranged from cuts and bruises about the body while the officer warded suffered more serious injuries.

This took place after a ladder being used came into contact with a high tension wire.


38-year-old Santa Flora man electrocuted by Petrotrin installation

Petrotrin is expressing condolences over the death of a Santa Flora man who was electrocuted after coming into contact with one of Petrotrin's electrical lines.

The company is also warning citizens to stay away from all its installations.

The following is Petrotrin's statement on the matter:

"Petrotrin views as unfortunate the death of a villager as a result of an unauthorized interface with the Company’s installations at Santa Flora.

Relative electrocutes 23-month-old girl while trying to revive her with live wires

A close relative of a 23-month-old baby who was discovered unresponsive this morning, attempted to revive the child using electrical wires carrying 110 volts which further led to the child's death.

Reports indicate that Khristha Knutt of Upper Erika Street, Laventille, was put to bed by her relatives early this morning. 

Relative told doctors that the child was suffering from a head cold.