Employers can create policies for drug-free workplaces

One human resources expert believes companies can be guided by other policies on substance use in the workplace, in order to deal with the new changes to marijuana use law in this country.

But Stacy Homer tells us there are certain challenging areas, with which even the international experts are still grappling.

The human resources expert says there is nothing in the law which prevents an employer from creating and implementing a policy to ensure a drug free environment, just as they’ve been able to do, to ensure a smoke free and alcohol free workplace.

HR EXPERTS: Time for proper sexual harassment law and protocols

A call for proper systems -- including clear cut legislation -- to be put in place to deal with cases of sexual harassment in this country.

It comes in light of the recent furore surrounding the Darryl Smith Report -- the outcome of a probe of sexual harassment allegations against the former minister, and a wrongful dismissal claim by the alleged victim.

According to HR consultant, Cavelle Joseph-St Omer, it is imperative that there are properly trained practitioners to handle sexual harassment cases in this country.

ECA: Employees' vacation very important

The Employers Consultative Association is sending a message to employers - make sure you employees get their vacation.

The ECA has issued the following statement, highlight just why vacation leave is so critical for all employees.

"In light of recent public scrutiny regarding Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley’s vacation leave, the Employers Consultative Association (ECA) wishes to remind employers of best practice with respect to employees proceeding on vacation leave.