Met Office: Flooding situation expected to continue up to 12-24 hours

The Met Office is warning that rivers continue to be dangerously high and can result in widespread flooding.

The Met Office has issued the following statement:

"The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service is maintaining the riverine flood alert for Trinidad due to the rainfall activity associated with the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) over the last 36 hours.

As opposed to Street and Flash Flooding, Riverine Flooding is more prolonged and widespread.

Part of Caroni River overflows bank

Reports are now indicating that the Caroni River has over-topped its banks across Caroni North and South Bank roads from the Southern Main Road at Ibis Gardens, through Kelly Village, St Helena extending all to Las Lomas and Piarco.

Reports from the Water Resources Agency indicate that water levels in some of the nation's major rivers as well as their tributaries continue to reach threshold levels.

Additional rainfall is forecast to persist with the flooding situation expected to continue for the next 12 to 24 hours in areas already being affected.

Health officials say fish being sold in Chaguaramas area found to be safe

In consideration of reports of an oily substance on the shoreline and waters in the Chaguaramas area, the Public Health Inspectors of the Ministry of Health have conducted visits to located along the coastline of the affected area.

The fish and other seafood available for sale were found to be safe.

Fisherfolk were advised on measures to provide safe seafood to the public.

Events such as oil spills may impact on the quality of fish and other seafood.

Consumers are advised that fish displaying evidence of the following

1. A disagreeable/crude oil odour.

Met Office issues rough seas warning

The Met Office says roughs seas can be expected, beginning from within the next 24 hours.

It has issued a warning to small craft operators, sea-bathers and marine interests.

The following is a statement by the Met Office.

"Buoy data as well as reports reaching the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service indicate that sea conditions being experienced around Trinidad and Tobago are currently normal to moderate with wave heights reaching up to 2.5 metres in open waters and less than 1.0 metre in sheltered areas.

Chaguaramas oil came from a ship; no dead fish, birds found

The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) and Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) says that no oily substance was found at the Cocorite Fish Landing Facility and in the waters in its immediate vicinity.

The two agencies say in a joint-statement that this was one of the key observations of a surveillance exercise conducted this morning by a joint team comprising representatives of the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) and the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA).

SWMCOL welcomes $20 tax on imported tyres

The Trinidad and Tobago Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL) is welcoming Government's proposal to implement an environmental tax of $20 per tyre on all imported tyres to be put towards the cost of their proper disposal.

Tour Operators: "Crime is hurting us"

Members of The Trinidad and Tobago Incoming Tour Operators Association (TTITOA) say they are "appalled and saddened" by the gruesome murder of Dr. Claire Broadbridge, who is the mother of Stephen Broadbridge, the Vice President of TTITOA.

In a statement issued today, the TTITAO said that many members of the association are traumatized and disturbed not only about this murder but also the many murders and crimes that occur daily.

"It has now reached a point where we as citizens of this nation need to make every effort to take back our country," the association said.