Sea claims three houses in Cedros

Al­most a year af­ter the sea swal­lowed three homes and a por­tion of the road near the coast in Ce­dros, vil­lagers are still fear­ful that more hous­es will col­lapse in­to the sea.

The gul­ly formed in the wake of the mas­sive land­slip has con­tin­ued to widen as no restora­tive work was ever done to stop the ero­sion.

T&T viewers share blood moon photos

Sky-gazers were treated to a rare lunar eclipse known as a super blood wolf moon on Sunday night, in which sunlight passing through Earth's atmosphere lit the celestial body in a dramatic fashion and turned it red.

Many of you took your own photos and some have shared with us.

Here are a few: 

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Ancient Palo Seco volcano rumbles again

An ancient volcano on T&T's Southern anticline at Palo Seco is now active, expelling thick flows of mud and oil from a vent.

Unknown to many, the Anglais Point Mud Volcano is situated on Trinidad's south coast, a few miles from Beach camp, Palo Seco.

However, even though the volcano has been actively expelling thick flows from its core, geologists believe there is no danger as the liquid expulsion does not mean the start of an impending eruption.

Heat stress, bush fires - the dry season officially begins

The Met Office has officially declared the start of the dry season and has issued warning on how to approach it.

The announcement was made via the following statement today:

"The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS) is officially declaring the start of the 2019 Dry Season as the climatic patterns and changes in features are indicative of the region having transitioned to a much drier state. Assessment of the criteria necessary for the onset of the Dry Season shows that the conditions have been met and are now entrenched.

"Drain the swamp". La Romaine resident complain of snakes, caiman

An acreage of the swamp about 15 feet deep, infested by caimans, snakes and mosquitoes has developed on the outskirts of a village in La Romaine, causing disease and destruction.

The swamp was created during the construction of the Solomon Hochoy highway extension from San Fernando to Oropouche near the Mosquito Creek in La Romaine. 

Around 10 am on Thursday, the residents staged a demonstration at the edge of a swamp at Murli Street, calling on Works Minister Rohan Sinanan to bring in equipment immediately to clean their community.

EMA not aware of oil leaking into Gulf

The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) is not aware of claims made by a Cedros councillor, that wastewater from Heritage Petroleum Company is flowing into the Gulf of Paria.

Contacted for comment yesterday, communications officer at the EMA Kevon Gervais said EMA permits were issued to Petrotrin previously which were to be transferred to the new company.

“The EMA is not aware of any untreated effluent, separate and apart from permits previously issued to Petrotrin,” Gervais said.

Wastewater from Heritage Petroleum's tank farm entering gulf - Councillor

Wastewater from the Heritage Tank Farm, formerly known as the Trinmar Tank Farm is entering the Gulf of Paria affecting fishermen from Point Ligore to Icacos, Cedros Councillor Shankar Teelucksingh said on Monday.

Teelucksingh was speaking to Guardian Media after meeting with the fishermen at his office in Cedros.