Outrage over slaughter of turtle in Balandra

"Brutal & Babaric!"

That's how Stacy Gatcliffe describes the discovery of the remains of a dead turtle in Balandra.

In a Facebook post, Gatcliffe says mother turtles coming up onto our beaches to lay their eggs, totally unaware that blood-thirsty humans are waiting to ambush them for a meal.

The post included several photos of a dead turtle, including some graphic ones showing the guts of the dead animal.

Ministry: Well-abandonment is underway

The Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries says that pre-abandonment works on Couva Marine 2, the leaking well in the Gulf of Paria, commenced on Sunday, July 15 following completion of an appropriate well control strategy, risk assessment and the fabrication of the necessary fittings and equipment to allow for safe operations.

Blown well continues to spew oil into Gulf of Paria

Senior well-control engineers from the United States and the Energy Ministry experts will make a decision by the end of the week, on how to safely stop high pressures of oil and gas from spewing out of a ruptured oil well in the Gulf of Paria.

The emissions have continued to spout over the past 13 days, causing harm to the environment. 

In an interview yesterday, managing director of the Environmental Management Authority Hayden Romano said it was still uncertain how much gas and oil had spilled since the sea-bed well ruptured on July 4.

Massy Stores continues distribution of reusable bags

Massy Stores Chief Executive Officer Derek Winford continued the distribution of reusable bags to members of the public at the Gulf View and St. Augustine Stores on Friday and Monday respectively.

The reusable bags are part of Massy Stores’ thrust to “Get to Green” which limits the number of plastic in usage at its grocery chain across the region.

Floods swamp La Brea beaches with garbage

La Brea Fisherfolk Association president Alvin La Borde is requesting the urgent removal of mounds of garbage which have been washing up on the beaches following heavy rainfall over the past few days.

The garbage, now mixed with the decaying fish carcases, has created a health hazard, La Borde said, as he urged the authorities to act with haste.

US donates two search and rescue dinghies to Penal/Debe Corporation

The Disaster Management Unit (DMU) of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation has received two shallow search and rescue water crafts (dingy) from the U.S. government to assist in its disaster preparedness during the 2018 rainy season.

At the handing over ceremony today at the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation, Debe, U.S. Chargé d’Affaires John W. McIntyre said while the project “will only scratch the surface in disaster response by providing a mode of transportation to communities isolated by floods, it is indicative of our longstanding partnership.”

EMA: Dead fish in La Brea is result of bait dumping by fishing vessel

The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) says that its Emergency Response and Investigations Unit (ERI), in an immediate response to a report on June 11th from the La Brea Fisherfolk regarding the presence of dead fishes at Pt. Sable, visited the area in conjunction with the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) to conduct investigations.

A statement by the EMA said that in its capacity as overall coordinator of environmental management in Trinidad and Tobago, it also asked the Disaster Management Unit of the Ministry of Local Government (MLA) to provide an assessment.

Thousands of dead fish wash up on La Brea beach

Thousands of dead fishes are continuing to wash ashore on the beaches of La Brea, prompting speculation that the fishes are being dumped as a ploy to bring down fish sales.

The fishes were first spotted on Monday at Carat Shed Beach but as the week progressed they began washing up at Point Sable beach.

President of the La Brea Fisherfolk Association Alvin La Borde said most of the fishes were herrings, sardines, and mullet. He said the fishes appear to have been dumped as most of them were already past the point of decay.