EMA warns of $100,000 fine and prison term for the fools still doing this to endangered turtles

The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) says it "strongly condemns" the ill-treatment of a leatherback turtle, an environmentally sensitive species, as shared recently via video post on Facebook.

The post made by a concerned individual shows a few persons harassing a leatherback turtle attempting to return to sea.

The EMA is appealing to citizens to refrain from harming environmentally sensitive species such as the turtle featured on the video, and all wildlife in general.

Rambharat: 12-foot anaconda poses no immediate threat

The Ministry of Agriculture will only consider relocating a 12-foot anaconda at its livestock station in Aripo if it seen again or poses a danger to staff and livestock.

In a Facebook post issued on Thursday, Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat said Saiyaad Ali of the Serpentarium was invited to the station yesterday afternoon to observe the reptile.

While he said that the snake posed no immediate danger to staff and livestock at the facility presently, Rambharat said his ministry would monitor the situation as some staff members were apprehensive of its presence.

EMA, students share experiences at Fondes Amandes Gayap

As part of its thrust towards improved fire management and agricultural practices, the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) took fifty students from the Plum Road Presbyterian and Biche RC Primary Schools to the Fondes Amandes Community Reforestation Project (FARCP) Forest Prevention Gayap.

The Gayap (meaning lend a hand) is a two-day interactive workshop on reforestation and fire management.

Through the use of stories, skits and music, students are taught the basics of planting, tending, fire prevention and trail marking.

Education Minister congratulates students involved in recent clean-up efforts

Education Minister Anthony Garcia has congratulated students of the El Dorado West, Bon Air Secondary Schools and St Anthony’s College for their participation in two separate projects to protect and preserve the environment.

The El Dorado West Secondary School students, in collaboration with the RBC Young Leaders Project recently took part in the “WE Campaign” to create a nation which produces less waste and encourages the conservation of our wildlife.

Aripo anaconda to be left alone

Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat said yesterday a decision has been made not to interfere with the 12-foot anaconda that was sighted at the Aripo Livestock Station in Aripo. Rambharat said that no livestock at the Aripo farms was under threat and added that “it is normal to have snakes in ponds at the Ministry’s facilities.”

He however, admitted though that in this case the size of the anaconda was “larger than what they usually see.”