One YTC escapee caught; 4 still at large


One of the five juveniles who escaped custody from the Youth Transformation and Rehabilitation Centre (YTC) on October 3rd, was captured on Sunday November 3rd in the Mayaro district.

15-year-old Jaden Fletcher was recaptured by officers from the Mayaro Police Station at 1:45 pm on Sunday. He was found in an abandoned house.

10 escapees still on the run

Ten of the 12 detainees who escaped from the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) last Wednesday, are still at large.

IDC sources told Guardian Media that they were working closely with law enforcement officials to try and recapture the men who escaped by cutting two chain link fences during the airing period on Wednesday evening.

Two of the escapees — Venezuelan nationals, Charlie Perez Jose and Claudio Flores, were found wandering in a forested area and escorted back into the facility close to midnight last Wednesday.

Police release man held for questioning over escapees

A man who was detained by officers of the Port-of-Spain Division Task Force Thursday night for questioning into the allegedly aiding and abetting of escapees Denbow Olatungi and Michael Findlay, was released shortly after 2pm Friday.

Police held the man at his One Woodbrook Place apartment during an exercise.

His common-law wife was also held and later released.

Denbow and Findlay along with six other men escaped from the Golden Grove Remand Yard Prison in Arouca on May 15.

The six other escapees were held within 24 hours of their escape. 

No sympathy for fugitives from CoP

Com­mis­sion­er of Po­lice Gary Grif­fith says claims made by two pris­on­ers on the run about their in­no­cence will have to be de­ter­mined by a court of law.

He said po­lice of­fi­cers will not have any sym­pa­thy for the fugi­tives in their mis­sion to re­cap­ture the es­capees.

Grif­fith was speak­ing on CNC3’s Morn­ing Brew on Mon­day on the is­sue.

“I am mak­ing it plain, very sim­ple, I do not care. That is not my busi­ness, that is not my con­cern.

Two men escape police custody

Police have launched a manhunt for a prisoner who escaped after he broke a hole in a wall at the La Brea Police Station on Friday.

The 25-year-old man, of La Brea, made his daring escape around 1 pm, shortly after he was arrested in connection with outstanding warrants, firearm and robbery related offences. The man who had not yet been processed was put in a cell at the station. Police said he broke a toilet in the cell and used a piece of iron to break a hole in the wall. Police went in search of him, but he could not be found.