Rio Claro farmer shot dead as five bandits storm home

A 49-year-old farmer has been shot and killed following a robbery at his home.

Reports indicate that shortly after midnight, five bandits broke into Radhay Maharaj's home located at Ayoub Trace, Tabaquite Road, Rio Claro.

The men ransacked the house and were fleeing with their loot when one of the assailants shot the farmer in his neck.

Maharaj managed to call his wife who was at the time at the Piarco International Airport, she subsequently alerted neighbors and relatives.

Upon arrival, they discovered Maharaj lying in a pool of blood.

Moruga farmer charged with gun and ammunition possession

A Moruga man is expected to appear before a Princes Town Magistrate today, charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Rolan Ramjit Rooplal, 50, a farmer, of La Fortune Trace, Moruga, was arrested during a joint exercise between the Moruga Police Station and the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment, on Monday 30th April, 2018.

The exercise, which was coordinated by Sgt. Deodath Seepersad and led by Cpl. (Ag.) Kishore Ramsingh, took place between 9:45 pm and 12:30 am, in the Moruga district.

This young planter is moving many to tears for the very right reason

A young boy whose name sounds like "A.J Aberdeen" is winning the hearts of thousands on the Internet, after a video of him speaking positively about his decision to farm and sell peppers to make a living was posted on Facebook.

The boy says he wanted to make "honest money" given that some are selling drugs and others breaking into houses.

He said he grows the peppers himself and sells them.

He said he placed first in Auto Mechanics in school and speaks about the other subjects he does.