Single father, daughters now homeless after house fire

Single parent father Dillon Cooper grabbed his daughters and ran out of their burning house in Moruga on Thursday night after a candle ignited the wooden house.

Though he managed to save his girls, Cooper was unable to save his house which burnt to the ground.

The fire officers who responded to the call took a wrong road and by the time they arrived, the entire house had gone up in flames.

Dillon said this was the second tragedy he suffered after his brother Anton Cooper was killed by three prison officers at Golden Grove more than a decade ago.

Penal man dies in house fire

Trapped by his fears of being outdoors, Raffie Mohammed was burnt alive in a fire which destroyed his home in Penal on Monday afternoon.

His sister Nazra Baksh 52, who risked her life in a futile bid to save him, suffered extensive burns to her arms, back and legs, when she tried to pull him out from under a swing in the upper floor of the wooden house at Tulsa Branch Trace, Penal.

Mohammed, 47 suffered from down syndrome since birth and had never before left the safety of his home. He lived with his 87-year-old mother Shairoon Mohammed. 

Fire inside fire station...again

For the second time in as many months, fire broke out inside the Mon Repos Fire Headquarters, prompting officers to call for an immediate rewiring of the entire building.

Throughout Sunday night and for most of the day on Monday, the headquarters, situated at the San Fernando Bye-Pass remained without an electricity supply.

Fire officers said the heat was unbearable in the facility, adding that the toilets were dirty as the water pumps were dysfunctional.

The fire started around 6:20 pm,  in an electrical metre inside the engineering section.

T&TEC: Nothing to suggest substation fire was started by anything 'unusual'

T&TEC has said that an early morning fire at T&TEC’s Savonetta Substation is being investigated.

It says all residential customers were restored by approximately 11:30 a.m and that industrial customers were back on supply as at 12:30 p.m., with the exception of one industrial customer which is conducting  internal checks before they pick up the available T&TEC supply.

T&TEC said the substation structure is intact and that at this point there is nothing to suggest that anything unusual may have led to the fire. 

Another elderly man dies in fire

A 72-year-old was killed in a fire which gutted his Gasparillo home on Saturday evening, becoming the second elderly person to be killed in a fire in just a matter of days.
Reports say, Leroy Walters of Bonne Aventure Road, who was partially blind and immobile, was trapped in by the flames and was unable to be rescued from the burning house.
Reports say around 7:30 PM on Saturday, an explosive sound was heard in the house, then the fire broke out.

80-year-old man dies in early morning fire

An early morning fire claims the life of a disabled man.
CNC3 news understands that around 2 am on Thursday residents along Ryan Street, Petit Bourg San Juan reported seeing smoke coming from a home in the area. The police and fire services were contacted, however, upon arrival, the one storey structure was engulfed by flames. After the blaze was contained the charred remains 80-year-old Christopher Hylan who had one leg was discovered. Investigations to determine the cause of blaze are ongoing.