Ghandi Village residents set fire to garbage pile

Garbage gathered at a temporary transfer station in Gandhi Village, Penal was allegedly set on fire by residents, prompting a response by fire officers.

The incident took place on Wednesday evening.

Councillor for the area Roland Hall accused the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation of failing to remove the waste materials which were collected during the nationwide clean-up campaign in a timely manner.

He believes residents were left frustrated and took action into their own hands.


Social Development Ministry not affected by fire

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services says the fire which occurred at the Ansa Mc Al Building today – April 10th, 2017, did not, in any way, affect the Ministry nor any members of its staff.

The Ministry issued a statement saying that since the first fire which occurred on February 22, 2017, the Ministry was able to retrieve all of its assets and staff’s personal items from the building and has officially vacated the building effective, March 30, 2017.

Today's fire affected all three floors of the building as it blazed for over three hours.


Arson suspected in San Fernando house fire

Fire-fighters suspect arson behind a fire that destroyed a wooden house in San Fernando this morning.

The fire occurred at Pointe-a-Pierre Road around 7.10 am.

The owner, Paula Baird said there were several attempted break-ins on the property that were reported to the police.

She said just before the fire started, her daughter heard a dog barking outside.

Officers of the Mon Repos Fire Station responded but were unable to save the house.

Investigations are continuing.

28 girls perish in Guatemala youth shelter fire

Hospital officials say the death toll in a fire at a youth shelter in Guatemala has risen to 28 after several more girls died overnight of severe burns.

Doctors had warned the severity of the burns suffered by many victims put their lives at risk.

Nineteen girls were found dead at the scene Wednesday, and spokesmen for two hospitals in Guatemala City said nine more died overnight.

Dozens more remain under treatment.

The fire started after a mass escape.