Foreign Affairs Ministry: 'Fishermen free to leave Venezuela on their own volition'

"They're free to leave".

That's the position put forward by the state with respect to the return of three T&T nationals captured by the Venezuelan Guardia Nacional presumably in T&T waters.

In a statement issued today, the Ministry of Foreign and Caricom Affairs said the three fishermen are free to leave Venezuela on their own volition.

"The Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs wishes to provide an update on the three (3) Trinidad and Tobago nationals who had been detained in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Cedros fishermen released by captors

Heermatie Sanker was excited yesterday as she waited anxiously at her Fullerton Village home awaiting the return of her husband Awardnath Hajarie and their son Nicholas who were held captive in Venezuela since last Thursday.

After feeling sick and depressed on Monday, Sanker said her spirits were lifted when a villager came calling.

“Come! Come! Your son wants to speak to you,” the neighbour told Sanker outside her home on Monday night.

Cedros fishermen back home today from Venezuela

After three days of worry and fear, Cedros housewife Heermatie Sankar yesterday breathe a sigh of relief after receiving news that her husband, son and another fisherman were released and are on their way home from Venezuela.

“I feel happy that they come out, but I just waiting to see them,” said Sankar in a telephone interview. She said she has not spoken to either her husband or son, but someone called her from Venezuela with the good news.

“They out and they okay. Thank God for that. So, I think they suppose to be coming home tomorrow, thank God.”

National Security Ministry investigating incident involving T&T fishermen

The Ministry of National Security says it has spoken with Venezuelan officials about an incident involving Trinidad and Tobago fishermen on Thursday.

The men appeared to have been taken by armed me while fishing off Trinidad and Tobago's south coast.

The ministry says the circumstances under which the men were taken is now engaging its attention.

The National Security Ministry issued the following statement on Friday: