Young: Fishermen need to stay out of Venezuela's waters

The Ministry of National Security says the situation involving Trinidad and Tobago nationals being ‘kidnapped’ and currently held in Venezuela has been attracting its attention.

The ministry says the matter is on-going and at a very sensitive stage.

It says that accordingly, details and specific information surrounding the circumstances of this matter cannot be provided at this time.

Seaweed horror for Mayaro fisherfolk

Fish­er­men who ply their trade in the At­lantic Ocean, off the south-east coast of Trinidad, say the re­turn of the sar­gas­sum sea­weed is af­fect­ing their abil­i­ty to catch fish.

A large amount of the sea­weed be­gan wash­ing up along the south­east­ern coast, par­tic­u­lar­ly along the Ma­yaro shore­line, over the last two weeks. 

Fish­er­men say the sea­weed dam­age their nets and en­gines.

With their in­creased cost for su­per gas af­ter reg­u­lar im­ports were halt­ed, fish­er­men com­plained that they don’t have the mon­ey to re­pair their boats and nets.

MY EYE: Evening spent fishing

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VIDEO: Las Cuevas fishermen rescue leatherback turtle caught in net

A video of Las Cuevas fishermen rescuing an endangered leatherback turtle from a fishing net is receiving praise on social media.

The video was posted by the Las Cuevas Eco Friendly Association and was viewed over 47,000 times over 14 hours.


The near-3-minute video shows three fishermen cutting the net before they eventually free the turtle.

The Association says on the post, "Thanks a lot guys #keep up the good work."

T&T facing possible sanctions from European Commission over fishing issue

The European Union has issued a warning to Trinidad & Tobago of possible sanctions, with a yellow card for being uncooperative in the fight against illegal fishing.

It was announced via a statement issued by the European Commission in Brussels today.

Kiribati and Sierra Leone have also been yellow-carded.

The statement says that "Trinidad and Tobago also has a large fleet operating internationally where authorities do not control or inspect foreign vessels, nor cooperate with relevant flag States."