Fitzgerald Hinds

Hinds acts as Attorney General

Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs Fitzgerald Hinds, will act as the Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs from from today until September 27th 2018, as Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi leaves the country on official matters.

This was confirmed by a statement issued by the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs on Tuesday.

The statement says the AG will meet with attorneys in Miami, Florida, to discuss ongoing legal matters.

Hinds files police report into Beetham wetting incident

Laventille West MP and acting Attorney General Fitzgerald Hinds has filed a police report about yesterday's incident in Beetham Gardens and police have launched an immediate investigation.

Police Public Information Officer ASP Michael Jackman confirmed to CNC3 that MP Hinds made an official report about the incident to the police.

While touring flood-stricken Beetham Gardens, water was thrown on Hinds and Councilor Akil Audian, prompting them to flee.

Hinds was seen leaving the Besson Street Police Station this morning.

PNM Women’s League blames UNC for flood attack on MP Hinds

The Women’s League of the People’s National Movement says it strongly condemns the actions of those who they say sought to disrespect MP Fitzgerald Hinds and Councillor Akil Audain during their walk-through of flooded areas in Beetham Gardens on Tuesday.
The Women’s League says it is appalled that such indiscretion would be shown in a time of disaster.
They question whether those who committed the act even took the time to consider that there were some Beetham residents who genuinely required assistance.