Ministry: False, duplicate claims being made for flood relief funds

The Ministry of Social Development and Family Services is advising that no further assessments or requests for assessments related to the flooding which took place during the period October 19th – 21st, 2018 will be considered after Thursday November 15, 2018.

The ministry says that during the course of conducting assessments, it has observed that false and duplicate claims have been submitted.

It says persons are hereby advised that attempts to make erroneous claims or defraud the government will be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Consumer Affairs: Prices remained same after recent floods

The Consumer Affairs Division of the Ministry of Trade and Industry says prices of food have remained the same following the recent floodings.

The division says that as part of its mandate to ensure fair pricing in the marketplace has been monitoring the prices of items at supermarkets in Trinidad. 

It says a review of supermarket prices prior to, and following the flooding in October 2018 has revealed that the vast majority of prices of items remained the same.

HDC opens Recovery Service Centre in Greenvale

Residents of Greenvale Park who were adversely affected by flooding, can now visit the HDC’s newly-established Recovery Service Centre for additional support and assistance as they recover and rehabilitate their homes, the HDC said in a statement today.

It said this centre, which formally opened today, will be operational every day from 7 am to 7 pm in the first instance.

At this centre, teams from the HDC will be present to treat with issues related to mortgages and rentals, schedule of repairs of impacted units and general recovery and rehabilitation efforts.

Georgia college & university students to help flood victims in T&T

Over two dozen students from Georgia colleges and universities who are members of the Georgia Caribbean Students Alliance are helping flood victims in Trinidad and Tobago, the South Florida Caribbean News has reported.

According to the volunteer group, the students met Saturday, November 3rd  at Larparkan Shipping in Decatur and packed clothes, shoes, food, diapers and other toiletries to help thousands in those countries displaced by severe flooding.

Trinidad and Tobago received a full month’s worth of rain in two days, according to officials.