Adverse weather to continue

Weather forecast courtesy the TTMS for the period this afternoon and tonight.

Cloudy to overcast with frequent periods of light to moderate showers or rain over broad areas.

Some of these showers can become heavy and thundery.

Conditions should gradually settle from evening with lingering showers overnight of which some can become heavy or thundery.


Adverse Weather Alert In Effect: Orange Level! Riverine Flood Alert In Effect: Red Level!

Rowley: A national disaster

Prime Min­is­ter Dr Kei­th Row­ley has de­clared the flood­ing which has hits var­i­ous parts of the coun­try a na­tion­al dis­as­ter.

In a state­ment post­ed on so­cial me­dia a short while ago from St He­le­na, his sec­ond stop on a tour of the most rav­aged ar­eas, Row­ley said, “This is a na­tion­al dis­as­ter, the flood­ing is quite wide­spread and quite se­vere and it is go­ing to cost a lot of mon­ey to bring re­lief to peo­ple who have been af­fect­ed. Notwith­stand­ing what­ev­er short­ages we are ex­pe­ri­enc­ing, we will have to find the re­sources to help.”

UWI closed today

The University of the West Indies has been closed today due to high flooding.

The following is the full statement from Camous officials:

Given limited mobility across the country due to high flooding, please be advised that The UWI St. Augustine Campus has been closed today, Saturday October 20th, 2018. Consequently, all classes for today are also cancelled. 

Minister of Education calls on principals to open schools in areas affected by flooding

Minister of Education Anthony Garcia has issued an urgent call to principals of primary and seconday schools in La Horquetta, Maloney and Arima to report to their schools so they can be used as emergency shelters.

Upward of two thousand (2000) persons have been displaced within these communities and immediate assistance is needed.

The Ministry of Education is in contact with the Ministry of  Local Government and Rural Development to see what support is needed and where shelters can be provided.


Debe Hindu School reopens after flooding

After extensive floods on Thursday, the Debe Hindu school has reopened.

Cleaners came to the school from 4 am on Friday to sweep out the slush which flowed into the classrooms from a river which runs parallel to the school.

Only half of the 390 pupils turned up for classes.

A team from the Ministry of Works also visited the school yesterday to see what can be done to keep out the river flow from invading the school.