Barrackpore Bridge opens

Less than a week after the Barrackpore Bridge collapsed following devastating floods, a temporary bailey bridge has been opened to the public.

Local government minister Senator Kazim Hosein visited the area on Friday and met with residents who expressed relief that the New Colonial Road was finally opened again.

At Number 2 Junction, Eddie Surjan said even though the bridge was incomplete, he was thankful it was still open.

River otter displaced by floods in Penal

While flood waters have been affecting several residents on South Trinidad, the country's wildlife is also being affected.

Residents of Latchoos Road, Penal were surprised to see an otter in their area following the floods.

The neotropical river otter is a species that is found in Central America, South America and in Trinidad.

It is physically similar to the northern and southern river otter, which occur directly north and south of this species' range.

The length can range from 35–59 inches of which the tail comprises about a third.

Health inspectors move to stop sale of flood-contaminated food

The Ministry of Health says that in the past week, Public Health Inspectors have inspected 17,449 premises in the flood-affected communities throughout Trinidad.

In a statement issued Thursday, the ministry said that thus far, inspectors have reported that 21 schools and 550 food premises were impacted.

It was also reported that 17 farms lost animals due to the recent flooding.