Expert: Regular gas can blow your engines

The sav­ings mo­torists are ex­pe­ri­enc­ing by fill­ing their tanks with fish­ing boat fu­el may well even­tu­al­ly back­fire, as me­chan­ics are warn­ing that pro­longed use of reg­u­lar fu­el will cause en­gines to mal­func­tion.
The sale of reg­u­lar gaso­line, which is used by fish­er­men, has been in­creas­ing since Gov­ern­ment raised the price of su­per at the pumps from $3.97 per litre to $4.97 in the 2019 Bud­get.

Imbert dismisses claims that super gasoline is truly $5/litre

Minister of Finance Colm Imbert has dismissed claims on social media that the price of super gasoline is actually $5.00 as "nonsense".

Several have taken to social media claiming the gas price of $4.97 is, in reality, the rounded figure of $5.00 as the one cent is no longer legal tender.

In response, the Finance Minister in a text message to Guardian Media said, "Who buys only one litre of gas in cash? And how was it done last week? When the price was $3.97?"

The super gas price was raised by $1 during Monday's presentation.