Golden Grove prison

Prison officer in court on drugs charges

A prison officer is expected to appear in court today charged with the possession of marijuana.

Prison Officer One (PO I) Vickram Suraj was held by his colleagues at the Central Gate of the Golden Grove Prison with 36.8 grams of marijuana.

He was later arrested by police officers of the Arouca Police Station where he was charged.

Suraj has approximately 5-years of service.

Acting Commissioner of Prisons Dane Clarke said Suraj's arrest sends a message to the rogue officers and shows that the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service continues to be vigilant.

Prisoner escapes Golden Grove Prison for all of 10 minutes

The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service says that around 9:55 am today, convicted prisoner Anil Sookoo escaped legal custody from the Golden Grove Convict Prison, Arouca.

Sookoo was recaptured at approximately 10:05 am by members of the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service within the environs of the Golden Grove Prison Facility without resistance.

Sookoo is currently serving a two-year sentence with hard-labour for larceny.

He began to serve the sentence on March 5th, 2018.