352 in arrears at four HDC developments

Acting Prime Minister Colm Imbert says there are 352 persons in arrears at four Housing Development Corporation (HDC) complexes at this time.

Imbert was speaking in the Senate in the capacity of acting Minister of Housing.

He said there are 56 in the East Grove community, 132 in the Oasis development, 18 at Eden Gardens and  146 at Cashew Gardens.

The minister says the HDC has increased resources in a bid to recover the arrears and also to set up payment plans to help those who find it difficult to pay.

NH International to build 160 HDC apartments in Mt Hope

The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has signed a contract with NH International (Caribbean) Limited for the construction of 160 apartments in Mt Hope.

They consist of 120 three-bedroom apartments and 40 two-bedroom apartments.

The contract is a form of public-private partnership whereby NH International has obtained its own financing to fund the cost of the design and construction of the project.