Health officials say fish being sold in Chaguaramas area found to be safe

In consideration of reports of an oily substance on the shoreline and waters in the Chaguaramas area, the Public Health Inspectors of the Ministry of Health have conducted visits to located along the coastline of the affected area.

The fish and other seafood available for sale were found to be safe.

Fisherfolk were advised on measures to provide safe seafood to the public.

Events such as oil spills may impact on the quality of fish and other seafood.

Consumers are advised that fish displaying evidence of the following

1. A disagreeable/crude oil odour.

NCRHA probes assault of doctor at Arouca Health Centre

The North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) says it is currently investigating an incident that occurred at the Arouca Health Centre yesterday afternoon, where a doctor was allegedly assaulted by an irate patient.
According to initial reports, the doctor was on duty at the Arouca Health Centre providing care to a patient affected by acute conjunctivitis (red eye) when around 6:30pm a female patient from the public waiting area, allegedly barged into the consultation room and assaulted the doctor with an umbrella and her fists.

CARPHA on drive to eradicate Aedes aegypti mosquito

The Caribbean Public Health Agency says that two years after the first outbreak of Zika in the Caribbean, the invasion of this mosquito-borne virus has reduced significantly.

A statement by CARPHA says that while health officials have reported a decrease in the number of suspected and confirmed cases, it is important to note that the virus is still present within our communities.

Autopsy reveals woman died of seizure at hotel, not strangulation

An autopsy on the body of a woman found in a hotel room on Saturday has ruled out foul play.

According to the autopsy report, Lyndsay Sabrina Layne suffered a seizure.

The 33-year-old of Orange Grove Road, St Augustine is believed to have spent her last moments with a man at Touchdown Hotel in St Helena.

Today relatives at the Forensics Sciences Centre told media that Layne had no previous medical problems.

They are, however, appealing to the man who last saw Layne alive, to come forward.