Candace not accepting Khan's apology

For­mer Health Min­is­ter Dr Fuad Khan has apol­o­gised to mas­quer­ad­er Can­dice San­tana for his of­fen­sive tone and com­ments, but she is not ac­cept­ing it.

San­tana, who played mas in The Lost Tribe this year, shot in­to the spot­light af­ter she was body-shamed in pub­lic and on­line af­ter she post­ed pic­tures of her­self in cos­tume.

But Khan took is­sue with her weight and fat-shamed her on­line. He took is­sue with San­tana’s weight and ac­cused her of pro­mot­ing obe­si­ty, even re­fer­ring to her as a “tub.”

Deyalsingh: Obesity a serious issue in T&T

T&T has obese men - why does vic­tim sham­ing on­ly ap­ply to women?

That ques­tion was raised on Tues­day by Health Min­is­ter Ter­rence Deyals­ingh who says he is not in­to vic­tim-sham­ing of any­one. He not­ed in many parts of the world women are blamed for things and even some rape vic­tims in the US are shamed.

How­ev­er, Deyals­ingh and for­mer Min­is­ter Fuad Khan - un­der fire for his re­cent com­ments on plus-sized women - have sim­i­lar thoughts on the need to in­form and ed­u­cate peo­ple on tak­ing care of their health.

Khan issues apology to Candice, offers to help

Former Health Minister Dr. Fuad Khan has apologized to masquerader Candice Santana for his offensive tone and comments.

Santana who played mas this year, shot into the spotlight after she was body-shamed in public and online.

Dr Khan, however, took issue with her weight and fat-shamed her online. 

After much backlash and criticism, the former health minister is today saying sorry. 

Khan says while he feels very strongly about the issue, it stems from his experience as a doctor. 

Khan: I'm working out and have stopped stuffing my face

San Juan/Barataria Member of Parliament, Dr Fuad Khan has responded to the PNm's Women's League saying that he has no problems with them telling him that he needs to lose weight.

Khan posted a response on his Facebook page Tuesday afternoon, saying that he has stopped "stuffing" his "face" and is working out.

The following were the contents of the post.

Khan: More than half adult population overweight; take care of your health

Former Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan says that more than half of the adult population is overweight.

He says the onus is on citizens to take care of their health and not leave it to the doctors.

Dr Khan issued a statement on the matter on Tuesday morning.

"Learning about the issue in Tobago concerning the insufficient space to facilitate the growing number of patients who need dialysis is not surprising given the increase in Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (CNCD) in our country over the past two decades.