Met Office: Heat will ease gradually on Saturday

After a period of hot and steamy weather, the Met Office says a mixed picture is expected over the coming days as some relief is on the way. 

Trinidad and Tobago is likely to see a break in the hot spell by the weekend as conditions are set to gradually ease on Saturday with possible outbreaks of mid-morning to afternoon showers while more rainfall outbreaks are also expected on Sunday.

The Met Office says some areas in Tobago could stay dry but temperatures will be reduced.

T&T's record October heat is dangerous

The Met Office is warning citizens to take precautionary measures to protect themselves during this period of record heat.

The Met Office issued this statement today.

"The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service is continuing its warning of blistering heat for Trinidad and Tobago over the next two days and possibly into the weekend.

Another day of high temperatures yesterday prolonged the unusually hot and steamy weather over Trinidad and Tobago.