Heather Barriteau

'Missing' woman admits to lying: "I was having a time"

Heather Barriteau, the woman at the centre of a fake abduction has confessed that she lied.

"I was not abducted, I went on my free will and had a time for the weekend and that is it," she said in an interview from her husband's cellular phone.

Asked to comment on his wife's admission, Devon Paul, said he did not want to comment.

"That went way out of proportion," he said.

"The last time I tried to clarify what went on, everybody turn around my words, so I am not saying anything."

Missing 35-year-old woman found alive at San Fernando General Hospital

Relatives of missing vendor Heather Barriteau are breathing a sigh of relief after she was found alive at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Barriteau,35, of La Brea went missing on Friday after she was seen liming with a man at a bar at Mucurapo Street, San Fernando.

Her husband Devon Paul said that after Barriteau left the bar, she boarded a car along Mucurapo Street to meet a friend. 

However, he said he believes that the driver abducted Barriteau, and that she was being held at a house in Marabella against her will before she was released.