‘Helicopter ripped off our roof’

A San Fer­nan­do fam­i­ly of 12, in­clud­ing four chil­dren, cow­ered in fear at their home ear­ly on Wednes­day af­ter, what they first thought was a storm, turned out to be a Na­tion­al Se­cu­ri­ty he­li­copter hov­er­ing, close to their roof.

Strong up­draughts gen­er­at­ed by the pro­peller caused sev­er­al gal­va­nize sheets on their roof to be­come loose and blow off.

Military helicopter pilot lands on freeway, asks truck driver for directions

A Kazakhstani military helicopter brought a convoy of trucks to a screeching halt when the pilot landed in the middle of the road to ask for directions.

The soviet-designed Mi-8 gunship, estimated to be worth $14 million, appeared quite out of place sitting in the middle of a highway in Kazakhstan.

A number of perplexed truck drivers making their way through the snow could be heard on the convoy radio questioning the pilot's motives when a small figure jumped out and jogged toward the closest vehicle.