High Court

Breaking News: Court rules sex between two consenting males legal

It's official, sex between consenting male adults is no longer illegal. 

In April, High Court Judge Davindra Rampersad ruled that sections 13 and 16 of the Sexual Offences Act, which criminalises buggery and serious indecency even between consenting adults, is unconstitutional.

However, Rampersad did not make a ruling on how the law should be interpreted to give effect to his judgement.

During the hearing, Fyard Hosein, SC, who is leading the State's legal team, requested that a 45-day stay is put in place while his team prepares the State's appeal.

Jitters over Justice Seepersad

The dangerous cocktail of politics mixing with the judiciary gathered more steam yesterday, after a late Monday night hearing in the High Court temporarily blocked the appointment of two new judges yesterday. The Appeal Court subsequently overturned the injunction later yesterday.

But senior members of the legal fraternity and judges of the High Court are now expressing alarm about public comments being made against Justice Frank Seepersad after his initial ruling.

Injunction granted - High Court stops President from appointing two new judges today

High Court judge Frank Seepersad has granted an injunction stopping President Anthony Carmona from appointing two new judges today on the advice of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission (JLSC).

The injunction followed a late sitting of the court that ran into this morning.

Attorneys representing a former government minister Devant Maharaj sought the last-minute injunction to stop the swearing-in of two new judges.

Ayers-Caesar steps down from High Court amid controversy; returns to Magistracy

Marcia Ayers-Caesar has stepped down from the High Court less than two weeks after receiving her instruments of appointment.

In a release issued Thursday afternoon, the former chief magistrate stated that after deliberation she spoke with the chief justice and then tendered her resignation to the president.

Her appointment to the High Court had been met with strong opposition from senior members of the legal fraternity.

The Law Association also expressed deep concern over the promotion.

First-round victory for Thema Williams in lawsuit proceedings

Gymnast Thema Williams won the first round of her multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation this morning at the Hall of Justice.

High Court judge Frank Seepersad, who is presiding over the civil lawsuit, ruled against the federation on a preliminary issue which was raised by defence attorneys during a previous hearing in January.

The defence had contended that the High Court was not the proper forum for the matter to be heard and that it should instead be resolved by way of dispute resolution.

High Court grants order listing 75 entities, three individuals as terrorists

The High Court has granted orders that categorise 75 entities and three individuals as terrorists.

The Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs says the list includes both locals and internationals but did not name any of them.

The following is a statement from the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs.

"On August 30, 2016 the Honourable Attorney General was successful in seven (7) applications filed with the High Court in accordance with Section 22B(1)(a) of the Anti-Terrorism Act, Chap.12:07 (“the Act”).

Persad-Bissessar: High Court ruling vindicates UNC

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar says the United National Congress has been vindicated by the ruling of the High Court on the UNC election petition.

The High Court dismissed the petition but upheld that the Elections and Boundaries Commission broke the law by extending the time of the election by one hour.

The following is the statement by the Opposition Leader:

"We are pleased that the Honourable Madame Justice Mira Dean-Armorer today upheld our submission that the Election and Boundaries Commission acted unlawfully when they extended the voting hours.

High Court dismisses UNC election petitions

High Court Judge Justice Mira Dean-Armorer has dismissed the United National Congress’ (UNC) election petition matters. 

The ruling was delivered just before 3pm at the Hall of Justice.

The decision means that the results of the 2015 elections stand.

On making her ruling, Justice Dean-Amourer ruled that the EBC had indeed acted illegally in extending the polls, but says it was not enough to invalidate the results.